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We are temporarily closed and will not be accepting any new orders.

How to Order

All orders are done by email.  The Shea Soap Lab does not have a physical store.

Payment will be made through PayPal.  You may use a credit card at PayPal or your PayPal account.  Please see PayPal.com for their policies.

Step by Step Procedure:
1)  Determine which soaps you would like to purchase. No payment is made until the availability of your selection is confirmed. We try to keep an adequate inventory on hand, but at any given time a specific soap may be temporarily sold-out due to high demand.

2)  Send an email to SheaSoapLab@aol.com with the names of the soaps you would like to purchase and the amount of each kind.  You can send an email through Contact Us if you prefer.  Please include your shipping address.


Soap order: 4 bars of Lavender soap and 4 bars of Honey and Oatmeal

Address:  Joan Doe   123 Main Street   Anytown, MO  10001

3)  After receiving the order, The Shea Soap Lab will confirm that the number of soaps you wish to purchase are available. An order total will be calculated. The order total will include the price of your soaps and shipping charges.


Lavender Soap = (4 x $5.00)                    $20.00

Citrus Splash Soap = (4 x 5.00)              $20.00

Shipping                                                            $14.00    

Order Total                                                     $54.00

Please see Shipping for additional information on shipping.

​4)  An invoice will be sent back to you confirming the soap availability, your order total and your shipping address.

5)  You will be given instructions on making your payment through PayPal.com.

6)  After your PayPal payment is received by The Shea Soap Lab, your soaps will be shipped to you.  Orders are prepared and shipped during the regular business week. We do not work weekends.  

See Shipping and Policies for more information. 


The Shea Soap Lab